GN06 Hea 02 Indoor Air Quality Plan – BREEAM UK New Construction 2011 and 2014

It has been shown that poor indoor air quality is linked to health deterioration and poor performance of building occupants 1 and 2. For this reason BREEAM rewards projects that produce an Indoor Air Quality plan (IAQP) which seeks to minimise sources of pollution and optimise indoor air quality.
The purpose of this Guidance Note is to provide guidance to assessors and project teams regarding the content and rigour of an Indoor Air Quality Plan (IAQP) as required by the Hea 02 Indoor air quality criteria in the BREEAM New Construction and Refurbishment schemes. It should not be interpreted as BREEAM criteria. It is intended to provide assessors and project teams with further, flexible information and guidance regarding the rigour, content and tasks of an IAQP.”

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