BREEAM Program Updates and Re-issues

BREEAM programs are updated on average every three years. This should allow sufficient time for Assessors to process, and become familiar with, the updated program content, which we try to evolve rather than completely overhaul to limit the impact and burden of change on clients and Assessors. The timescales for an update and release of a new program version is normally driven by factors such as changes in best practice, regulation and alignment across programs. It allows rationalization of technical FAQs and Compliance Notes so reducing complexity for Assessors. 

A program may undergo a Re-issue in between which is intended to correct errors or provide clarifications in the text that would not result in a change to the performance levels for which credits are awarded, the assessment criteria or the evidence requirements. 

Any questions about updates and re-issues should be directed to the BREEAM In-Use Team (