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Wst 04 – Speculative Floor and Ceiling Finishes

Information correct as of 26thOctober 2021. Please see for the latest compliance information.

Integrated or designed-out finishes - KBCN1066

Floor and ceiling finishes integrated into the building and designed in a way that either cannot be removed or where finishes are not required are compliant. Examples of this approach could be a self-finished timber floor or exposed soffit which cannot be removed and does not require additional finishes when installed. This issue recognises avoiding the potential for generating unnecessary waste of materials.

No floor or ceiling finishes fitted - KBCN00046

Where the developer has not specified or installed any floor or ceiling finishes, the requirements are met. This issue recognises where the potential for generating unnecessary waste of materials has been avoided. 
20/12/2017 KBCN wording simplified to add clarity.

Speculative office including floor finishes/suspended ceiling - KBCN0259

The requirements can still be met where a speculative development includes the installation of floor finishes/suspended ceilings provided a Lease Agreement will be implemented to confirm that tenants are not permitted to remove these finishes. BREEAM recognises that incoming tenants may need to adapt ceiling or floor finishes to suit the requirements of their fit-out. Therefore, where these finishes are installed throughout, in line with Criterion 2, the following applies: A tenancy agreement, applied to the first tenancy, should stipulate that floor or ceiling finishes may only be modified where necessary, for example, to accommodate new partitions, lighting or other services, to replace worn or damaged components or to replace small, localised areas with a specialist floor or ceiling to account for abnormal conditions, such as wet areas. Documentary evidence of this must be provided as evidence for the credit to be awarded.
18/04/2017 KBCN made applicable to NC 2016 and IRFO 2015  
05/07/2018 Paragraph added to clarify the requirements of the tenancy agreement
27 Jul 2021 Clarified that the terms of paragraph 2 apply also to floor finishes

Information correct as of 26thOctober 2021. Please see for the latest compliance information.