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HEA 17 - Acoustics conditions

Information correct as of 15thJuly 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.

Acoustic sample testing approach – calculation procedure - KBCN1675

The methodology sets out a sample testing approach which can be applied to group rooms into those of similar room type or performance requirement category or construction type. Where rooms are grouped to the same use and construction for instance, only 1 in 4 pairs of adjacent rooms would need to be tested, and the results would be representative of all similar rooms e.g. where there are 12 pairs of similar offices and 3 are tested and are compliant, all 12 would be deemed compliant (or 100%). Therefore, it is not a requirement to test 80% of the rooms to be 80% compliant for those projects where a sampling approach can be applied.

Applicability – no occupied spaces - KBCN1551

Principle Where: Credits specifically related to occupied space are not awarded. Outcome The tables below show how this principle applies to affected issues.
Issue Credits available Scope
Part 1
Hea 01 Daylighting Y Only answer C is available.
Hea 02 Control of glare from sunlight N
Hea 03 Internal and external lighting levels N
Hea 04 Lighting control N
Hea 05 Minimising flicker from lighting systems Y
Hea 06 View out N
Hea 07 User comfort control N
Hea 08-13 Y
Part 2
Hea 14 Thermal comfort N
Hea 15 Smoking policy Y
Hea 16 Indoor air quality management Y
Hea 17 Acoustic conditions N
Hea 18 Legionella risk management Y
Hea 19 Drinking water management Y
16-Dec-2022 - KBCN title and scope updated for better visibility. Error in Hea 03 amended. Applicability of KBCN applied only to affected issues (N, or modified answer options) with to minimise header space in the UI. Original content on Resources moved to new KBCN.

Table 29: Indoor ambient noise levels - KBCN1676

The indoor ambient noise level performance standards shown within the manual are currently incorrect and should read as below for the following listed functions:
Information correct as of 15thJuly 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.