NABERS Energy for Offices /

Whole Building

Information correct as of 15thJuly 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.

Discounted methodology – meter validation - KBCN1575

Where the asset is using the discounted methodology for meter validation, the CT factor should be entered as 1.0.

District heating and cooling network – unknown future connection - KBCN1573

Where the district heating and cooling network has not been completed and there is no performance data available, predicted annual efficiency values can be used for the heating and cooling energy delivered to the building for the Design for Performance predicted NABERS rating. The assessment should also use the NABERS default values as an off-axis scenario.

Erratum – Terms and definitions – computer server room(s) - KBCN1585

The definition of computer server room(s) has been updated; A room within the NIA designed to accommodate computer and associated communications equipment for tenants that is separated from adjacent spaces by full-height walls and a door. Note 1 in Section has also been updated for clarity; Note 1: When chilled water energy is provided to a computer server room, the measured thermal energy is included within the minimum energy coverage and is used to provide an adjustment to the benchmark energy use of the building at a rate of 0.4 kWhe/kWhth, based on an assumed COP of 2.75. For condenser water services, the benchmark adjustment is 0.04 kWhe/kWhth, based on 40 W/kW of heat rejected and for hot water the adjustment is 0.9 kWhe/kWhth based on a heating system efficiency of 85 %. These adjustments expand the basis of the rating to include the additional services provided. They also provide incentive for such services at an efficiency greater than or equal to the baseline efficiency assumptions. If no thermal metering is provided, no benchmark adjustment is made.
These will be updated in the next version of the Rules: Energy for Offices

RICS Measurement Standard - KBCN1574

The Measurement Standard for the size of an office is the Net Internal Area (NIA) as set out in the RICS Code of Measuring Practice (2015). The RICS website states this edition is not to be used for office buildings. However, as the NABERS UK benchmarks were developed in line with measuring the NIA according to this standards, it must still be used for the purposes of the NABERS rating.

UK Crown Dependencies Projects - KBCN1576

Buildings in UK Crown Dependencies, such as the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, are not able to conduct NABERS ratings as they do not fall under the scope of NABERS UK.
Information correct as of 15thJuly 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.