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05 Recreational Space

Information correct as of 2ndDecember 2021. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

‘Safe pedestrian routes’ – Definition and note - KBCN1481

The note below, found within the 'Safe pedestrian routes' definition, has been corrected. Please refer to the bold text within the note and corrections below: 'Pedestrian routes that are outside of the development site and therefore not within the control of the developer do not need to meet the above requirements. However it must be demonstrated that there is a pedestrian route, which is not shared with vehicular traffic, from the site boundary to the transport node (for example via pavements, footpaths, pedestrian crossings). The route shall be signposted.' 'the transport node' should be replaced with 'any relevant amenities recognised within this Issue'. 'The route shall be signposted.' should be replaced with 'The route should be appropriately signposted within the development boundary'

Balcony is an irregular shape - KBCN1391

Where the balcony is not of a standard rectangular shape, this is acceptable as long as it is of a sufficient size to accommodate a small table and sufficient number of chairs for each occupant. This needs to evidenced in the HQM assessment. Additionally, where private space credits are awarded, the HQM assessor must be satisfied that the proposed balcony is in keeping with the aim and benefits of the issue for the occupants of the home.  

Communal space requirements- Public Parks - KBCN0844

Public parks cannot contribute to the communal space area requirements for crit 3. Crit1 under this issue awards credits for having access to public recreational space. Including public recreation spaces in the communal space calculations would therefore lead to double counting.

Growing space on request - KBCN1308

Having growing space available on request to interested occupants is not compliant, if this space does not have the capacity outlined in the 'dedicated growing space' compliance note, in the event that all occupants wanted to use the growing space.

Private gardens - KBCN0850

Private gardens (where they meet the access requirements stated in the definitions) are acceptable for the purpose of  demonstrating compliance with the Private Space credits.  

Private space; Minimum depth requirement for three or more bedrooms - KBCN0671

The 1.5m minimum depth requirement also applies to dwellings with more than two bedrooms where private space credits are being pursued. The minimum depth requirement is not cumulative and is set at 1.5m across the board. The note about the cumulative increase (below table 4) relates to the overall space requirements as noted in table 4 title. Formatting error in table 4.

‘Communal space’ definition - KBCN1452

It is acceptable for communal space to be accessible to the public and it is not required that access is restricted to just the occupants of the homes within the development.
Information correct as of 2ndDecember 2021. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.