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WST 05 - Adaptation to Climate Change

Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.

Adaptation to climate change strategy study – timing - KBCN0533

Late consideration of the climate change adaptation strategy study, might reduce the study to a ‘paper exercise’, with minimal value to the project. However, if the assessor is satisfied that there is clear justification for the strategy being developed at a slightly later stage (i.e. early RIBA stage 3) AND there is clear evidence that the strategy has achieved the intended outcomes (i.e. the later consideration has been in no way detrimental to the outcomes of the strategy study/appraisal and the benefits can still be realised on the project), then this will be sufficient for compliance. In any case, all other requirements of the issue must be met for the credits to be awarded. The requirements for the timing of the climate change adaptation strategy are intended to ensure that the benefits of these strategies are realised through early consideration.

Erratum – Criterion 1 – Exemplary credit - KBCN1494

Within the list of requirements, Criterion was included in error. The requirements for the Exemplary credit are listed under Criterion 2. One credit - Adaptation to climate change – structural and fabric resilience 1 Conduct a climate change adaptation strategy appraisal for structural and fabric resilience by the end of Concept Design (or equivalent), in accordance with the following approach: 1.a Carry out a systematic (structural and fabric resilience specific) risk assessment to identify and evaluate the impact on the building over its projected life cycle from expected extreme weather conditions arising from climate change and, where feasible, mitigate against these impacts. The assessment should cover the following stages (see Methodology): 1.a.i Hazard identification 1.a.ii Hazard assessment 1.a.iii Risk estimation 1.a.iv Risk evaluation 1.a.v Risk management Exemplary credit – Responding to adaptation to climate change This will be corrected in the next reissue of this technical manual.
Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see for the latest compliance information.