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32 Aftercare

Information correct as of 11thApril 2021. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

Aftercare Support fees - KBCN0991

To comply with the remote or on-site support criteria, there needs to be a guarantee that the support will definitely be available to occupants of the assessed home, which means it cannot be an optional feature that could be opted out of. This is to ensure credits are only awarded for homes that will have the level of support required, in practice. If the support is provided as part of the development’s management fees, the costs of the support being provided needs to be communicated to occupants in a transparent way (e.g. via an itemised summary of the fees). This is to ensure occupants know what support is available  and what they are paying for.

Aligning with other relevant requirements - KBCN1320

If existing solutions conflict with requirements for the Aftercare criteria but it is believed that the criteria intent is being met, please contact BRE Global for consideration.

Building warranty for developer managed homes - KBCN0673

The mandatory requirement for a compliant building warranty is still applicable where the developer is responsible for managing the home after construction, even if they have their own internal processes for assuring support to the occupants. Although internal processes may be in place to protect the occupant, there is limited guarantee that this protection will be in place for the duration of time that a recognised warranty lasts for (e.g. if the development is sold). Warranties from providers that comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders or the Trading Standards Institute, benefit from a minimum level of occupant protection and support that is assured by independent third parties. This level of support is fundamental to the credibility of HQM assessed homes. If a specific scenario is present that cannot meet this requirement or provides the same (or better) level of support, please submit a technical query with documentary evidence for further review.

Warranties covered by alternative consumer codes - KBCN1289

Alternative consumers codes to the ones referred to in the Aftercare issue are acceptable if they are approved by the Trading Standards Institute, such as the Consumer Code for New Homes and the Consumer Code for Home Builders. If you are unsure if a warranty or consumer code is acceptable for the purposes of HQM, please raise a technical query.  
Information correct as of 11thApril 2021. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.