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06 After certification

Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

Amendment of BREEAM certificates - KBCN0507

All BREEAM certificates are issued are based on the information included within the assessment at the point of certification. Where this information is incorrect and an amendment is required, the certificate amendment fee as per FS036 will be applicable. An email must be sent to [email protected] stating the report reference and outlining the amendment. For domestic schemes where a separate certificate is issued for each dwelling, the email must highlight if the amendment is applicable to one or all of the certificates.

Assessment and evidence record keeping - KBCN0521

The licensed organisation is responsible for implementing and maintaining internal quality management procedures for record keeping. Licensed organisations are required to keep all documentation, materials and data (i.e. evidence) associated with all assessments conducted by them for a period of ten years following the submission of the report to BRE Global. BRE Global reserves the right to contact licensed assessor organisations at any point during this ten year period to verify the information/assessment, as required by the rules of our accreditation in cases where certification is challenged. Where requested, the licensee will supply BRE Global with all documents necessary to audit the performance of the assessment. Please note, submitting copies of evidence to BRE Global for quality assurance and certification purposes, whether hard copies or an online upload via BREEAM Projects or other third party BREEAM recognised software, does not release assessors from their obligation to store records of assessment evidence for ten years. BRE Global will use evidence provided by the licensed assessor for the purpose of making a certification decision, we do not keep records of all assessment evidence for ten years once a certification has been made.

Re-certification - KBCN0516

It is sometimes possible for an assessment to be resubmitted after certification for a higher rating. When this is requested, the BREEAM QA team must be informed in advance of resubmitting the report. It must also be stated clearly within the cover letter/email with the report resubmission that this is what is being requested. Requests for re-certification will be considered on a case-by-case basis, by the Certification Manager, to determine whether it is appropriate to proceed. Factors influencing the decision will include but are not limited to: If it is agreed that this may proceed, a new audit will be carried out of any additional credits added in. The assessor may also need to confirm and if necessary provide supporting evidence to demonstrate, that there have been no other changes to aspects of the project for which credits are being retained. The assessment will be subject to first submission timescales and the full certification fee (in line with FS036).

Using BREEAM certification mark - KBCN1350

For details on how licensed assessors can access the certification mark and specific rules for use please see KBCN1347 The BREEAM certification mark can only be used in relation to a certified assessment and is issued by BRE Global only. The mark must be displayed with text to describe the scheme and a unique identification number written below the mark. BRE Global will provide the unique text which can then be added to the certification mark. The following text must be included at least once on all materials (including websites) which include one or more of the BREEAM logos, marks or symbols. The text should appear as footnote text that is legible to the naked eye on either the front or back page of documents and on all website pages where the logo appears. “BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551). The BREEAM marks, logos and symbols are the Copyright of BRE and are reproduced by permission”
Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.