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Information correct as of 21stMay 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

Adding a scheme or assessor to an existing licence agreement - KBCN0728

In order to add a scheme or assessor to an existing licence agreement it is necessary to complete a BREEAM Licence Application Form which can be obtained from the BREEAM Assessor Guidance folder on BREEAM Projects (if you are an existing assessor) or on request [email protected]. The form should be completed in full and signed by the applicant and also a representative of the company (if different), to confirm the applicant and organisation agrees to accept and abide by the licence terms and conditions. The completed form should then be sent to [email protected] with a valid copy of the Company's Professional Indemnity insurance evidence.  

Annual Licence Renewals - KBCN0816

Licences are granted on an annual automatic renewal basis. The BREEAM Licensing team will write to the nominated main point of contact at a licensed assessor organisation, the month prior to the renewal, to inform them of the forthcoming renewal. The renewal reminder letter will detail the annual fee applicable for the licences held by the company, at the time of writing, and will also detail the licensed individuals and the licences they hold. If assessors have left or changed qualifications an amendment to your licence agreement and list of assessors will need to be made. Removal of assessors should be requested in writing, for the attention of the licensing team, by emailing [email protected] If you would like to add additional licences or assessors, please complete the licence application and return to BREEAM in order for these changes to come into effect before your renewal date. Any removal of assessors or termination of agreement requires that 30 days written notice is given to BRE Global. Licence fees are non-refundable and no refunds or credits can be given after the annual renewal has been issued. Please be aware that if we do not receive any notice of termination then the licence will renew and the licence fees will be due. Please see BRE Global documents PN173 and PN501 for the terms and conditions of the BREEAM Licence, these documents can be found on BREEAM Projects under ‘BREEAM Assessor Guidance’. Should you have any further queries regarding licence renewals please contact the BREEAM licensing team via [email protected]

Can the same individual be licensed at more than one company? - KBCN0712

Yes, upon receipt of a completed Licence Application form sent to [email protected].  A note should be added in Section 6 confirming that this is an additional licence and a separate email address should be supplied for each company licence. Licence fees will also be applicable to the second company you are licensed at as the licences belong to the company and not an individual. Assessors with multiple company licences will be provided with separate login details for each company.  It is the assessor’s responsibility to ensure they are registering, managing and completing the assessment under the correct company and login.

My account page on BREEAM Projects – viewing assessor licences - KBCN0952

You can manage your BREEAM licence agreement by referring to the 'My Account' tab on BREEAM projects. This will provide information on the active licences you hold. If you are the assigned main contact for the BREEAM Licence agreement then you will be able to see the licences held by all assessors at the company. Please be aware that at present the 'My Account' page does not include details of the BREEAM In-Use licences.    

New Fees – main changes and key points – FS036 Rev27 From 1 July 2017 - KBCN0879

Note: FS036 rev 28 is effective from 1st December 2019 - See KBCN1366
Schemes affected Main changes Key points  

New Fees – FS036 Rev28 – effective from 1st December 2019 - KBCN1366

Follow this link to access FS036 Rev 28 A summary of changes, providing additional information is also available here.

Terminating a license - KBCN1418

If a licence is no longer required by an assessor and they wish to terminate, we require 30 days written notice providing authorization to terminate the license, this can be by letter or email from the individual or company representative. Termination notices will not be accepted or processed by phone, and no refunds will be given if the licence is terminated part way through the licence term. All terms for licensing are set out in the licence agreement, terms and conditions provided at the time of licensing.  Any questions about licensing should be directed to the Licensing Team at [email protected]
2021 01 05 Terms and conditions - wording updated

Information correct as of 21stMay 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.