Assessment and evidence record keeping

The licensed organization is responsible for implementing and maintaining internal quality management procedures for record keeping. Licensed organizations are required to keep all documentation, materials and data (i.e. evidence) associated with all assessments conducted by them for a period of ten (10) years following the submission of the report to BRE Global. BRE Global reserves the right to contact licensed assessor organizations at any point during this ten (10) year period to verify the information/assessment in cases where certification is challenged. Where requested, the licensee will supply BRE Global with all documents necessary to audit the performance of the assessment. 

Please note: Submitting copies of evidence to BRE Global for quality assurance and certification purposes, whether hard copies or an online upload via an authorized BREEAM tool, does not release Assessors from their obligation to store records of assessment evidence for the required time period. BRE Global will only use evidence provided by the licensed Assessor for the purpose of making a certification decision.  BRE Global does not keep records of all assessment evidence for six (6) years once a certification has been made.

2021 01 05 Information retention requirement corrected from 6 year to 10 years. Company references amended.