Assessment of multi-phase projects

Where a project will be designed and built in two or more phases, the following rule should be applied:

If there is enough information on multiple┬áphases┬áto enable the┬ádesign stage assessment to┬ábe carried out at the same time,┬áit is possible to assess these phases at the design stage in one assessment. At this point you have a choice – either wait for those phases to be constructed before doing one post-construction assessment for the whole project, or do a post-construction stage assessment for each phase.

Please note that if you do separate post-construction stage assessments (PCRs), this will require your original registration to be split into the number of phases. A new registration fee applies for any additional registrations, and an additional certification fee will also apply for any additional post-construction stage certificates.

18/10/2016: edited to remove the condition for overlapping phases