Assessor comments submitted within BREEAM In-Use assessments

Assessor comments are an extremely important part of the certification process, and are used to give the Quality Assurance (QA) team at BRE Global an understanding on why the Assessor has awarded credits. Assessor comments must be provided for any question which has credits awarded.  The comments must provide the following information: 

  • Explanation on why the Assessor has deemed that the asset is compliant in relation to the credits awarded. 
  • Explanation on where compliance is demonstrated within the evidence which has been submitted. For example, if compliance is found within a particular section of a large document, the comments should help direct the QA team to the applicable section. 
  • Outline any information provided by BRE Global (external to the technical manual) which supports the decision made by the Assessor. For example, Knowledge Base Compliance Notes, or responses to technical questions from the Technical team. 

An example from HEA 01 (PD130 – 1.1:2016): 

2 credits have been awarded as 20% of the building envelope is glazed.  Verification of this figure can be seen within the calculation provided within [insert evidence name].  Please also find photographic evidence of each side of the envelope [insert evidence name], as well as the drawings for each envelope which the calculations were based on [insert evidence name]. 

2021 01 05 Minor change to Company references