District heating / cooling / hot water – entering data into the Online Platform

For assets which use district heating / cooling / hot water, information on the district systems are entered into Ene 09a and 09b.

In Ene 05 / 06 / 09, answer ‘no’ to first question “Is space heating / cooling / hot water generated on-site?” then navigate to:

  • Ene 09a to answer questions on district cooling.
  • Ene 09b to answer questions on district heating and hot water.
    A district heat network will also provide hot water, so information on the system which provides both is entered into Ene 09b.

The Online Platform differs from the manual structure, however it does not affect scoring in any way. All data entered contributes to the asset energy calculator.

Assets with on-site and off-site systems

Only answer questions on the system which provides the most signifcant heating or cooling to the asset. If an asset includes both on-site and off-site systems, choose the one which delivers the most energy annually.