Electric vehicle charging stations – Availability

This option requires the number of electric vehicle recharging stations (EVCS) to be based on a percentage of the total car parking for the building.

To meet compliance, the intent is that recharging stations be available to all building users, including customers and visitors. However, where overall parking numbers are low, it may be difficult to effectively distribute the EV charging spaces between general users and priority groups.

In such cases, the design team must provide evidence that this aspect has been considered when locating the EV spaces, however, the decision on how to distribute these may be made by the client or, for speculative development, by an appropriate member of the design team.

In situations where parking is limited to priority spaces only, the above guidance still applies.

11 Jan 2023 - Applicability to BIU V6C confirmed and updated to allow more flexibility in relation to how EV spaces are allocated.
02 Jun 2020 updated to clarify how this applies where the only on-site car parking is for special user groups.