Evidence of no risk – Use of Approved Standards and Weightings List

The current BREEAM International Non-Domestic New Construction Approved Standards and Weightings List (ASWL) can be used as evidence to demonstrate that a country has ‘no risk’ to all natural hazards apart from flooding (which is considered within POL 02 of BREEAM USA In-Use 2016 and Rsl 01 of BREEAM In-Use Version 6).

Any country which has a weighting of 0% for Hazards within the current ASWL can provide this to BRE Global as evidence. As flooding is not included within the Hazard section of the ASWL, it must be evidenced separately. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum credits within MAT 05 or Rsl 03, the assessment must also provide evidence that the asset is in a ‘low or zero flood risk area’ under the requirements of POL 02 (BREEAM USA In-Use 2016) or Rsl 01 (BREEAM In-Use Version 6).

Note: BREEAM In-Use International Assessors who are not BREEAM International Non-Domestic New Construction Assessors, will be unable to access the ASWL. In this instance please send a technical query to BRE Global outlining the country which the asset is located, and BRE Global can confirm the current weighting for that country.

16-Aug-2016 Amended to clarify situations where there is no access to the ASWL
01-Oct-2022 Updated to apply to BREEAM In-Use Version 6