Fast Track QA

For assessments where certification is required very quickly (i.e. days or a couple of weeks), it is possible to apply for our Fast Track QA service. If the application is accepted, the service guarantees feedback within 3 full working days for first submissions, and 2 full working days for resubmissions, from the date that acceptance of the assessment under the Fast Track scheme is sent by BRE Global.

The service can be applied for at any time during the audit process, and covers a total of 3 submissions, i.e. a first submission and 2 resubmissions, or if applied for after first submission feedback has already been issued, 3 resubmissions.

When resubmitting an assessment, it is the responsibility of the assessor to ensure that BRE is clearly notified that the fast track assessment has been resubmitted by sending an email to [email protected] and if utilising the upload function within BREEAM Projects, the ‘Fast Track’ option must be ticked. Where this does not happen, feedback is likely to be delayed with no crediting of the additional fees paid.

To apply for the service, a completed and signed application form must be submitted to [email protected], after submitting both the assessment and supporting documentation. An application will not be confirmed as accepted until all three items are received.

Requests for the service will be accepted or declined based on availability at the time of application, as the service is operated outside of regular working hours to ensure there is no negative impact upon assessments not requesting the service. However, if an application is declined, the assessor can reapply any time up until feedback is issued.

Multiple applications covering initial submission under the same assessor and same scheme are unlikely to be accepted on the same day.