GN13 Relating ecologistā€™s report and BREEAM

This guidance note is to be used for registered BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 and RFO 2014 and International New Construction 2016 and RFO 2015 assessments, where an ecologist has been appointed by the client and has produced an ecology report for the proposed development.
The purpose of this guidance note is to help the BREEAM Assessor relate the content of the ecologistā€™s report to the BREEAM Land UseĀ and Ecology section criteria (assessment issues LE 02, LE 03 (UK only), LE 04 and LE 05). The guidance within this document has beenĀ produced to support the assessment of the aforementioned BREEAM issues and should not be interpreted as criteria. If the BREEAMĀ Assessor chooses to use the template provided within this guidance note as evidence in the assessment (use of this document isĀ optional) the assessor or the appointed suitably qualified ecologist must complete all relevant sections

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01/04/2020 Clarified applicability to UK RFO 2014 and International RFO 2015 schemes