Internationally approved Ene 01 calculation software

The following calculation software are approved internationally and can be used, provided local weather files are available in the country of the assessment.

Please make sure the approved version, in brackets, is used. If you wish to use a different one, please submit a technical query to [email protected] providing details of the changes.

  • IES VE (all versions from 2014 onwards).
  • Design Builder (version 4 onwards).
  • TRNSYS (version 17 onwards).
  • eQUEST (versions 3.63b and 3.64 onwards).
  • Energy Plus (version 3 and version 6 onwards).
  • EDSL Tas (v9.5.0 onwards).

Any software that has been approved on the ASWL for a particular country can be used in other countries, provided relevant weather files are available.

26-Mar-2024 - Scheme applicability updated.
08-Aug-2022 - Applicability to BREEAM Communities 2012 confirmed.
30-Jun-2023 - Added note relating to software approved for a particular country.