Intruder alarm systems – apartment buildings or similar


The scope of this KBCN applies to any residential asset that:

  • Is comprised of multiple self-contained dwellings within a single building envelope, and
  • Share common entrance(s) and circulation.

A typical example is an apartment building.


The asset as a whole is protected by systems that are fit for purpose to ensure the safety and security of the asset, its users and their property


Security requirements for apartment buildings will vary greatly depending on factors such as:

  • Scale and configuration.
  • Access strategy.
  • Local context.
  • Which areas are under building management control.

Because of this, BREEAM cannot provide specific guidance on how intruder alarms and access control are configured to meet the principle.

It is the role of the assessor and a competent third party (for instance, this can be a ‘competent person’ as defined in Rsl 10) to evidence how this principle is achieved for the asset as a whole.

Evidence from a compliant security risk assessment carried out in line with Rsl 10 can be used to support this issue.

Management-based solutions

As a Part 1 issue, this intent must be achieved by systems which are intrinsic to the asset.

Management-based solutions (such as a concierge service, or security guards) cannot be used to achieve answer E (intruder alarm systems).

Answer F (alarm receiving centre) can only be achieved with a system that complies with Answer E.