Emissions from products – specialist paints and coatings

Where a paint or coating falls within:

  • A category in Annex II of the EU Directive 2004/42/CE or,
  • A category in the relevant product emission table of the technical manual,

then the paint or coating must be assessed.

Specialist paints and coatings are exempted from meeting the emission limits where there are no alternative products available that can perform the function, and still meet the emission limits.

This must be clearly evidenced.

27-Oct-2022 Wording clarified. New compliance principle added from UKNC V6.
10-Oct-2022 Title amended for clarity. Scheme applicability updated.
13-Mar-2020 KBCN amended to clarify exceptions and applicability.
16-Jun-2017 Content merged with KBCN0212.