POL 01 – Assessment criterion 2

In order to respond to feedback, additional clarity has been provided in regards to the interpretation of assessment criterion 2.

To reduce the risk of polluting natural watercourses through contaminated surface run-off and/or
grease from kitchen facilities entering drainage systems

Assessment criterion 2
Where it can be demonstrated that drainage or wash down facilities do not lead water from inside an underground or covered area to natural watercourses, such areas comply with the requirements by default.

BREEAM aims to be outcomes based, rather than prescribing a particular way to demonstrate compliance with the Aim. Therefore, criterion 2 is designed to allow flexibility for alternative systems (to light liquid separators) to demonstrate compliance. These alternative methods must either contain or prevent the pollution from leaving the site.

By ensuring that the pollution does not enter the drainage system (i.e. leave the site), the building owner can be confident that the pollution is not entering the natural watercourse further down the drains (where there is the potential for issues outside the scope of the assessment).