Procedures and plans for cleaning the interior of the asset – Scope of the requirements

The criteria only apply to areas or systems for which the landlord is responsible for the cleaning arrangements. However, the landlord must provide written guidance to tenants on ‘procedures and plans for cleaning the interior of the asset’ that aligns with relevant aspects of Criterion 2.

It is not a requirement that the landlord monitors or enforces this, however, in order to meet the intent of the criteria as far as possible, evidence must be provided that such guidance has been provided to all tenants.

Note: This guidance is not intended to change the criteria, but rather to clarify the overall intent. The applicability of the requirements to tenanted areas is not stated in the technical manual. Therefore, if it can be demonstrated that an assessment has based compliance on landlord’s/common areas only prior to the date of publication of this guidance, this will be accepted.

Updated guidance on the scope of these requirements will be included in the technical manual at the next opportunity.