Reporting PPD and PMV Figures

The PMV (Predicted Mean Vote) and PPD (Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied) values need to be entered into the scoring & reporting tool for data recording purposes.

The thermal modelling specialist should be able to provide values for both the PMV and PPD for the asset.

The values to report are the observed range of values for PMV and PPD:

  • Across all occupied areas and,
  • Across all expected occupied hours.

If the software or calculation method used does not generate these PMV / PPD metrics, they do not have to be provided.

An asset has the following thermal comfort ranges across its occupied spaces:

  • PMV ranges from -0.3 to +0.2.
    Enter ‘-0.3 to +0.2’ into the relevant field.
  • PPD ranges from 3% to 10%.
    Enter ‘3% to 10%’ into the relevant field.
15.09.22 Wording and example clarified.