Thermal modelling for Part 1 assessments

Where a Shell Only (Part 1) assessment is being carried out, but the future servicing strategy is unknown, the thermal comfort credit is still applicable.

To assess compliance, the upgraded shell of the building shall be modelled with a typical servicing configuration which meets as a minimum:

  • UK: Recommended minimum standards in the Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.
  • International: relevant building services minimum standards within local building regulations, or Tables 6.8.1 A-K of ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

The thermal modelling credit can be awarded when the notional modelled system achieves the BREEAM thermal comfort criteria.

The intent is to ensure that thermal comfort is achievable with the proposed upgraded shell for any future occupiers. The details of the notional system could be passed on to future occupiers or servicing specialists to inform their servicing strategy.