Transfers from one assessor to another within a company

Assessments are assigned to the assessor who registered it and will only be visible in that assessor’s projects page. If the assessor leaves the company or is no longer licensed in that scheme then the assessment will need to be assigned to another assessor at the same company.

For assessments completed through Excel spreadsheets, when the report is submitted at QA by the new assessor the assessment is then registered in their name.

For assessments that are completed through the BREEAM Projects online tools please contact the BREEAM Registration Dept. providing the BREEAM reference number and name of new assessor. If the new assessor is licensed in that scheme then the assessment will be moved to appear in their projects page.

We are in the process of making improvements to BREEAM Projects and developing increased functionality to enable assessments to be assigned to different assessors within the company. So in future, transfer of assessments between assessors within the same organisation will be easier and quicker.