Transport of construction materials – Data and methodology

To ensure comparability across assessments, the information completed in the scoring and reporting tool should be restricted to the minimum data specified in the technical manual.

For the purposes of this BREEAM Issue, the distances reported should be calculated from the point from which the products or materials were sourced, whether this be directly from a manufacturer or from a builders’ merchant/distributor:

  • For products or materials purchased directly from a manufacturer or quarry, for example, the distance should be calculated from the ‘factory gate’, including any intermediate transport.
  • For products or materials, which are purchased from a merchant or distributor, only the distance from their depot should be reported.

Where products cannot be sourced locally, for example on small islands, the transport required to import the materials or products can be discounted, and only the local onward transport to the site recorded.

The aim of this requirement is to encourage developers to consider the impacts of transporting products and materials to site. As such, the criteria seek to address only those impacts, which can be influenced by the developer.

27.07.2018 Wording amended to add clarity.