Ventilation – withdrawal of EN 13779:2007

Standard EN 13779:2007 has been withdrawn (01/02/2018) and in its place the following should be used:

  • To replace EN 13779:2007 Annex A2 for location of the building’s air intakes and exhausts – CEN/TR 16798-4:2017 Sections 8.8.1 to 8.8.4
  • To replace EN 13779:2007 Annex A3 for filtration in HVAC systems –  EN 16798-3:2017 Section B.4.2
  • To replace EN 13779:2007 for providing fresh air into the building – ISO 17772-1:2017 Annex I  or EN 16798-1:2019 Annex B.3 (using either Category I or Category II default design values)

Non-residential buildings: Both standards provide three methods for selecting design ventilation rates:

  • Method 1: Method based on perceived air quality
  • Method 2: Method using limit values of substance concentration
  • Method 3: Method based on predefined ventilation flow rates

Dwellings (only applicable to the BREEAM International New Construction scheme): Both standards provide different options for selecting design ventilation rates:

  • Total air change rate for the dwelling
  • Extract air flows for specific rooms
  • Supply air flows for specific rooms
  • Design opening areas for natural ventilation

It is the design team’s responsibility to determine and apply the most appropriate method or option(s) for the project undergoing assessment.

Existing projects can continue to use EN 13779:2007 where applicable. Any new assessment registrations should use the replacements above.

11-Oct-2022 - Scheme applicability updated. 
03-May-2020 - Typo corrected to clarify that 'EN 16798-1:2019 Annex B.3 'either Category I OR Category II default design values' are to be used. 
10-Jan-2020 - KBCN updated to clarify methods for complying with new standards. 
01-Sep-2019 - KBCN updated to reference new standard.