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00 Errata

Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.

Erratum – Minimising airborne TVOCs (total volatile organic compounds) from all sources - KBCN1397

The benchmark for 4.1 Criterion 10 should reads as follows: The TVOC concentration in indoor air is measured post construction (but pre-occupancy) and does not exceed 0.5 mg/m3 (500 µg/m3), averaged over 8 hours.(41) Reference 41, HM Government Approved Document F Ventilation 2010, sets a lower threshold, however for the purposes of HQM One, the threshold stated above is correct. This will be corrected in the next reissue of the technical manual.

Erratum – ‘Communal space’ definition – 2.5 Recreational Space - KBCN1365

There is a discrepancy in the manual between crit 4 and the ’Communal space’ definition (for HQM ONE manual SD239 Issue 0.0). In the definition it states that the minimum Communal space required for all developments is 50m2. This is a typo, the definition should say: Space that is accessible to the occupants of several homes and clearly associated with the development. Each individual space contributing to the total area of communal space should be over 20m2.  

Erratum – Accessibility Index – HQM Transport calculator - KBCN1276

The Accessibility Index in the HQM Transport calculator is based on the availability of public transport during peak times only. Wording in the manual should read as follows: Criterion 2.c should read as follows: The average number of services stopping per hour at each compliant node during peak times.  The Methodology for 'Calculating the average number of services' should read as follows: For the purpose of the calculation, the frequency of public transport is the average number of services per hour. This is calculated by determining the number of stopping services at the node during peak times, divided by the number of hours within that period.   

Erratum – Credits for ‘Discharges directly to a tidal estuary or the sea’ - KBCN1371

There is a typo within the following sentence (within 'Methodology'): 'crit 2–crit 5 can be deemed to be met and 12 credits achieved by default if the site discharges rainwater directly to a tidal estuary or the sea.' It should say 'crit 2–crit 5 can be deemed to be met and 14 credits achieved by default if the site discharges rainwater directly to a tidal estuary or the sea.'

Erratum- Representative sampling of indoor air - KBCN1645

There is a discrepancy in the manual within the methodology section ‘Representative sampling of indoor air’. Please refer to the below instead: Sample of indoor air principles Sample strategy for developments The sample size can be modified to suit the developments specific environment and design if recommended by the accredited organisation undertaking the sampling. In this case a suitable sampling strategy must be produced that outlines the different groups outlined above, the rate of sampling per group type and how the sampling strategy still meets the intended requirements of the issue. Justification for the sample group types The Formaldehyde and TVOC concentrations are predominantly influenced by emissions from internal finishes and fittings. The concentrations of the emissions will depend on the source volume, the source rate, the room volume and the ventilation rate. This can be different based on size, type and layout of the building. In addition, the location of the homes should be taken into account as post-construction testing can be influenced by when the home was completed, with homes finished first having a lower emission rate, by external emission factors such as proximity to a road and a variety in ventilation strategies for homes in different locations such as in a high rise building.

This will be corrected in the next reissue of the technical manual.

Erratum-03 Post-construction testing - KBCN1583

There is an error in the manual in table 55. Where it states the testing method is 'airtightness testing', the requirement is incorrect, it should not state 'crit 4' but 'crit 6' instead.

Erratum-HQM Charter - KBCN1608

The following text was included in the HQM ONE manual in error: The HQM charter and details regarding the support and assurances provided as part of this, including what to do if the charter is breached. The above is not required.  

Erratum: ‘Cycle storage requirements’ definition - KBCN1641

There is an error in the dimensions in point 1. 2. and 3 of the 'Cycle storage requirements' definition as follows: The distance between each cycle rack and surrounding obstructions(e.g. walls) allows for bikes to be easily stored and accessed. Cycle racks must be a minimum of: 1. 2m long ×0.75m wide for one bike. 2. 2m long ×1.5m wide for two bikes. 3. 2m long ×2.5m wide for four bikes. Please refer to KBCN0257 instead of the above.

Evidence for ’04 Detailed monitoring and reporting’ at design stage - KBCN1232

The evidence requirements associated with ‘04 Detailed monitoring and reporting’ for Design Stage in both the 'Construction Water and Energy Use' are incorrectly formatted and should appear in the Post-Construction Stage column. For design stage evidence requirements, please refer to KBCN1231 'Design Stage evidence requirements when a contractor has not been appointed'

Oil-fired boilers benchmarks - KBCN1293

It has come to our attention that there is an error in Table 35, relating to the NOx emission benchmarks for oil-fired boilers. The table below confirms the correct benchmarks.
Appliance type and unit Fuel 7 credits (Low pollution location) 7 credits (High pollution location) 10 credits (Low pollution location) 10 credits (High pollution location)
Boiler (mg/kWh) Oil 56 73 56 55 67 50
This will be confirmed in the next update of the technical manual, but can be applied immediately to HQM ONE projects.

Responsible Construction Practices -Crit 1 - KBCN1297

There is a typo in crit 1, it should say 'Achieve items required for two credits in Table 57'

Water quality credits clarification - KBCN1283

Crit 10 under the 'Water Quality' section states: 'The water quality credits are only available where at least 3 credits are sought in the comprehensive route.' Where it says 'sought' above, this should be interpreted as 'achieved'. Therefore the 'water quality' credits can only be awarded where 3 credits have been achieved in the comprehensive route.
Information correct as of 22ndJune 2024. Please see kb.breeam.com for the latest compliance information.