2011 assessment registered under 2013 Building Regs

If a project is registered to BREEAM New Construction 2011, however, building control have registered the building to Part L2A 2013 (England) / Part L2A 2014 (Wales) / Technical Booklet F2 2012 (Northern Ireland). Ene 01 should be assessed as follows:

ENE 01 should be assessed using a BRUKL output based on the Part L2A 2010 regulations for England and Wales. This is because the benchmarks within the scheme were developed against the 2010 notional building and therefore to maintain consistency and comparability for all the projects registered to this scheme, the credits awarded should be compared with a building modelled against the 2010 Part L regulations.

In order to achieve credits for the Ene 01 issue, the energy model should be run so that it displays results against the 2010 building regulations and this _brukl.inp file should be uploaded into the compliance checker for confirmation of the Ene 01 outputs for BREEAM NC 2011.

As the building is registered to regulations Part L2A 2013 (England) /Part L2A 2014 (Wales) /Technical Booklet F2 2012 (Northern Ireland) /Technical Handbook 2010 Non Domestic, Section 6 Energy (Scotland), the software will also need to be run to display results for these regulations for Building Control.

An alternative option would be to re-register the project using BREEAM NC 2018 and use the results of the updated regulations for your country to demonstrate compliance with Ene 01. Please note, for BREEAM NC 2018 assessments, the compliance checker website does not need to be used.