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New function: You can now view/download/print all the KB Compliance Notes for a single issue by clicking the button next to the issue title.

Knowledge Base for all BREEAM and HQM schemes provides online access to all existing Compliance Notes (CNs) not currently listed in the manuals.

It is a centralised resource viewed directly by assessors and BRE staff alike and it will continue to grow, new entries being created off the back of new technical queries submitted to BRE by assessors.

Supporting principles behind each compliance note are also provided (in italics at the foot of the note where required). These aim to empower assessors in making independent compliance decisions and broadening the awareness of the sound basis for sustainable solutions among all stakeholders.

Assessor feedback and suggestions welcome via the forum here


Use the Navigation Menu to access content for a specific scheme and issue, this is the fastest route. It will also allow you to move quickly to another issue.

Click on the Compliance Note (CN) title to see the content of the CN itself.

Each CN has a unique reference eg KBCN0428 which can be quoted in reports.

The search function searches only for content in CN title, CN content and for a unique reference number (ie not scheme, category or issue).

Also try out the Beta Dashboards available to assessors via the forum here

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