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Knowledge Base for all BREEAM and HQM schemes provides online access to all existing Compliance Notes (CNs) not currently listed in the manuals.

Latest 10 Notes

  • Dedicated cycle lanes/paths
    View applicability21st Feb 2020
  • Low or no ecological value to manage and maintain
    View applicability21st Feb 2020
  • Similar speculative developments (Shell and Core)
    View applicability06th Feb 2020
  • Transport assessment: calculations for amenities and AI
    View applicability27th Jan 2020
  • Labelling and signage – Shell only/Shell & core assessments
    View applicability21st Jan 2020
  • External works – waste reporting requirements
    View applicability21st Jan 2020
  • Granular fill and capping
    View applicability15th Jan 2020
  • Sound insulation measurement standard
    View applicability13th Jan 2020
  • Reward Scale for UKNC LE04
    View applicability02nd Jan 2020
  • SABRE Registered Professional as a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS)
    View applicability12th Dec 2019

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