Additional services in the refurbishment and fit-out project

Where additional services are provided in the refurbished building compared to the existing building, the BREEAM Projects tool is unable to assess the improvement in that service as there is no baseline against which to assess the improvement against. In these instances, the services entered for the refurbished building should be the same as for the existing building.

For example, if mechanical ventilation and cooling are added in the refurbished building, in BREEAM Projects select the same services for the refurbished building as for the existing building so that the calculation ignores the mechanical ventilation and cooling “improvements”.

For projects that provide a first fit-out and there are no existing building services to compare to, the information for the existing systems in BREEAM Projects should be based on the minimum requirements of the relevant regulations.

09/02/2021: Clarification added on first fit-outs
09/04/2021: Removed applicability to UK RFO 2014