Alternative transport measures – Option 11 – restricted car parking

Maximum car parking capacity criteria have not been included in this BREEAM Scheme.

Consultations indicated that compliance was being achieved through projects conforming to external requirements and limitations (e.g. planning conditions or limited site area), rather than through actively seeking to reduce reliance on transport by private car.

Therefore, restricting the number of car parking spaces cannot, generally, be considered as an ‘alternative sustainable transport measure’.

If, however, all the requirements 1-3 (below) can be clearly demonstrated, this may be considered compliant for 1 point:

1. The absence of standard car parking is a recommendation of the Travel Plan (as per the requirement of Option 11)
2. The development has an Accessibility Index greater than or equal to 25.
3. There is suitable access and sufficient site area to provide an appropriately-sized car park, but this has been consciously omitted to encourage the use of alternative, sustainable transport options.

However, if the absence of standard car parking is due to site constraints or other factors, such as Planning restrictions or the proximity of a public car park or on-street parking, this cannot be considered as compliant for Option 11.

10 06 2019 Updated to account for exceptional cases where this measure can be considered compliant.