Alternative transport measures not applicable to the project

It is acknowledged that certain alternative transport measures may be considered not applicable to the project under assessment, due to building type, scope of refurbishment, etc.

Upon provision of clear justification for the exclusions, in such instances, in order to ensure a fair assessment, an alternative calculation method has been introduced.

This method is only applicable where there are less than six measures deemed to be appropriate and in all other instances the methodology outlined in the manual applies.

The Assessor will:

  1. Identify the number of measures applicable to the assessment;
  2. Determine the number of measures that have been complied with;
  3. Determine the percentage of measures achieved, and based on this, the proportion of credits achieved.

Please see the worked example below, where the Assessor:

  1. Deems that five alternative transport measures are appropriate for the project;
  2. Demonstrates compliance with three of these measures;
  3. Determines the percentage of compliance, ie 60% (three out of five measures). This results in the awarding of 60% of the three credits available to this assessment, ie 1.8, which, to ensure robustness, will be rounded down to the nearest whole number, with a final one credit achieved.

The number of credits achieved is proportioned to the percentage of compliant measures against the total number of measures applicable to the project.