Applicability – Management – common areas only assessment


In an assessment of common areas only, building management are still responsible for the common welfare all users and for policies governing the overall asset. 


For assessments of common and tenanted areas, the scope of the manual states: 

“The assessment must include evidence of a representative sample of the tenants to ensure that central management practices are in place and fully implemented in line with the assessment criteria.”

For assessments of common areas only, evidence is required from building management only. 

Issue Scope of issue
Part 2
Man 01 Building user guide No change to the criteria or evidence requirements.
A building user guide is required regardless of scope.
Man 02 Management engagement and feedback No change to the criteria or evidence requirements.
Engagement with building users is required regardless of scope.
Man 03 Maintenance policies and procedures Applies only to core systems which serve the common areas and are maintained by the building management. This includes any core systems which also serve tenanted areas (for instance, asset-wide ventilation systems) where this cannot be separated from tenanted space.
Man 04 Environmental policies and procedures Applies to asset-wide environmental policies only.
Answer D can apply to improvement targets for common areas only, where this can be separated from tenant targets.
Man 05 Green lease Where there are tenants occupying the asset, this issue is not filtered out.
Consideration of green contracts are within the control of building management regardless of scope.