Applicability – tenanted assets with common areas


  • Waste generated in common areas is the responsibility of building management.
  • Waste generated in tenanted areas is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • The asset as a whole meets the aim and criteria of the issue.

Common areas

Common areas must include:

  • Bins for general waste AND
  • Bins for recycable waste.
    Segregated or commingled.

Mixing recyclable and non-recyclable waste in one bin is not acceptable, even if recyclable content is extracted later from the mixed waste.

If the recyclable waste is commingled, the waste collector demonstrates that they separate commingled waste in the minimum number of waste streams defined in the methodology.

Tenant or building management controlled areas

The issue criteria can be met through multiple storage areas, or a central store.

Where there are multiple storage areas, the space requirements for Answer C or D can be calculated based on the combined area of all storage areas.

The waste storage area requirements for tenants and building management must be calculated separately as stated in the manual.