Assessment submission via third party FTP upload

Assessors wishing to make use of third party FTP (file transfer protocol) upload websites for sending assessments and supporting evidence must be aware of the following requirements:

  • All submissions must be to the BREEAM inbox, [email protected], and must be downloadable by any individual in the BREEAM team, rather than ‘locked’ to only one person/account
  • The download email should clearly state the assessment report reference number
  • Where possible please ensure that there is no time limit for the download. Where this is not possible, a minimum of 30 days is required and the download email should clearly set out the time limit
  • Where a password is required, this should be sent in a separate standalone email to the main BREEAM inbox, also clearly referencing the assessment report reference

Where submissions are made not meeting the above requirements, the assessor may be asked to resubmit the assessment.

Assessors are responsible for the security of their data and documentation, including that submitted to BRE Global via third party FTP websites. BRE Global will not accept liability for any issues occurring (including lost or stolen data) as a result of the use of such websites.