Asset performance eligibility criteria – Industrial assets

The following guidance seeks to clarify how the eligibility criteria within the Scope section of the technical manual should be interpreted, particularly (though not exclusively) for industrial-type assets.

1) The asset must be a complete and finished structure.

A complete and finished structure means an enclosed, permanent structure with a roof and walls intended to accommodate people and/or processes.

a) Asset Performance

No more than 20% of the Gross Internal Area (GIA) can be classified as ‘unfitted’ at the point of submission. The assessment information provided must be correct at the point of submission to BRE Global for certification

To demonstrate that no more than 20% of the GIA (the assessed area) is ‘unfitted’, 80% of the GIA of the asset must be ‘ready for occupation’. This means it must be in a finished state, ready for occupation, or already operating in the intended function/process. This ‘finished’ state could be a controlled environment for a manufacturing process, warm or cold storage, IT or other technical operation. Alternatively, this could be an unconditioned internal environment, such as storage or packing and where most likely the only service fitted is electric lighting.

The requirement for 80% of areas to be operational or ready for occupancy applies to the total assessed area, including areas fitted out for processes and spaces conditioned for human occupancy.

2) The asset must contain occupiable or occupied space(s) which is designed to be continuously occupied for 30 minutes or more per day by a building user.

This is required to assess some criteria and award credits relating specifically to human occupation.

In order to demonstrate that a space is designed to be continuously occupied for 30 minutes or more per day by building users these spaces must be conditioned for human occupation and provided with basic services. Some examples of asset areas that meet this definition are offices, homes, retail, leisure areas which have ventilation, light and energy and water supplies, e.g. heating and/or cooling and access to a toilet and hand washing facilities.

However, process-based assets, which have any areas that are environmentally controlled by building services systems for human occupation OR processes, are eligible for assessment.

a) Asset Performance

An asset not yet occupied can still be assessed.

Provided that it meets the criteria above and is ready for occupation

09 Aug 2021 Eligibility Criteria relating to occupied space updated