BREEAM In-Use Platform Migration – FAQs

  1. Why have we made this change?

This is intended to provide a better user experience for both Clients and Assessors. The BREEAM Projects platform is faster and more stable than the BREEAM In-Use platform, reducing the risk of data loss. Unifying our schemes on a single platform will also allow us to be provide new features that can benefit all users.

  1. Will this change the current process?

There are some small changes to the appearance and functionality of the system and how you access the platform. However, this should not result in a significant change to how you work.

  1. Will this improve Operational or QA timescales?

Currently, the QA workflow for BREEAM In-Use assessments is primarily a manual process. After its migration onto the BREEAM Projects platform, the QA process will be carried out using the online tool, leading to improved efficiency in the QA assessment workflow and more streamlined processing of QA submissions.

  1. Will my login details change?

There will be no change to the login details for either BREEAM In-Use or BREEAM Projects users.

  1. Do I need additional training to use the new system?

We have designed the tool to maintain the functionality of the BIU platform. There will be some differences in the user interface, however additional training should not be necessary.
We will be sharing a system user guide in June 2023 for further support.

  1. Will active assessments be moved over?

Yes, assessments that are currently in-progress will be moved over.

  1. Will previously certified assessments be moved over?

Yes, assessments that are already certified will be moved over.

  1. Will I be able to see the evidence for all my assets in the new platform?

All the assets and evidence will be transferred to the BREEAM Projects platform and will work just as they did in the BREEAM In-Use platform.

However, please remember that the BREEAM License terms and conditions require Assessor organisations to maintain complete and accurate records of the assessment documentation for a period of ten years.

BRE only uses the evidence provided for the purpose of auditing and making a certification decision. We do not keep all assessment evidence once certification has been completed. Please ensure that you maintain your assessment records locally to prevent loss and to meet BRE’s terms of service.

  1. Will my existing credits within the BREEAM In-Use platform be moved over?

Yes, all existing credits within the BREEAM In-Use Platform will be moved onto the BREEAM Projects Platform as part of the data migration process.

  1. Will I be able to still access BIU platform after migration?

No. The BREEAM In-Use platform will be retired after the migration has been completed.

  1. Is the BREEAM Projects platform available in different languages?

Yes. There is an option to switch languages within the platform. This will change the display language of the interface and, where supported, within the technical guidance This will be available in the following languages:

  • English – UK
  • Chinese
  • English – USA
  • Norwegian
  1. Will it be possible to request an invoice for BIU credits in BREEAM Projects?

The payments process for purchasing BREEAM In-Use credits will not change. It will still be possible to purchase BIU credits using a credit/debit card, as well as being able to request an invoice via a cost proposal.

  1. Is the log in process the same for Clients and Assessors?

Yes, the process to log in is the same for clients and assessors. Each will use their existing credentials to log into BREEAM Projects. The tool will then identify the user and display the relevant pages.

  1. How do I access BREEAM Projects?

You can access BREEAM In-Use using this BREEAM Projects link:

  1. How do I log in from the USA or China?

Our Clients and Assessors in the USA or Chinese markets will be able to log in using the same login credentials that they currently use on the BIU Platform. They will also be provided with an option to switch the language within the tool.

  1. Will I have the ability to work in local currencies?

No additional currency support has been added to the platform as part of this migration.

  1. Will the terms of use change when we move to the Projects Platform?

All users, when accessing BREEAM Projects for the first time, will be required to agree to our ‘Terms of Use’ for the system. These Terms will not be too different from the existing ‘Terms of Use’ within BREEAM Projects and BREEAM In-Use platform. Whenever updated ‘Terms of Use’ are issued, users will be prompted to read and accept these before accessing the system.

  1. How do I contact BREEAM for support?

Assessors are encouraged to submit all enquiries using the webform, which can be found via the Assessor Support tab in BREEAM Projects. This provides drop-down menus to select the Department/Area and to choose further options, to ensure that your enquiry goes to the correct team.

Note: To help us provide an efficient service, Assessors are required to submit all technical queries using this webform.

Clients and other interested parties may continue to contact us by emailing the dedicated BREEAM In-Use email address: [email protected]

19. How do I upload evidence on BREEAM Projects?

 Please follow this link to view guidance: Updated Process for Uploading Evidence

28 July 2023 FAQ 19 added