Change in ecological value – Route 2 – credit allocation

10/08/2018 – The correct credit allocation for Route 2 can be found in Version 1.2 onwards of the technical manual.
The information below is incorrect and not valid for use.

Upon completing the calculation of change in ecological value following the Route 2 methodology detailed in GN36, a percentage score will be achieved. Providing all other necessary criteria are met, the following credits can be awarded for the relevant issues:

Project Status Percentage Score Credits Awarded Issue
Minimising Loss 75-94% 1 LE03
No Net Loss 95-104% 2 LE03
Net Gain 105-109% 1 LE04
Significant Net Gain 110% or more 3 LE04

A total of 5 credits is available for achieving significant net gain, with up to 2 credits available in LE 03 and up to 3 credits available in LE 04.

This information will be added to the manual in the next reissue.