Changes to CCS – January 2022

In response to the 2022 changes to the structure and scoring in the CCS, the adjusted points for credits are as follows for each of the three new sections; Community, Environment and Workforce:

One credit requires a minimum of 9 points per section and 27 overall.

Two credits require a minimum of 11 points per section and 35 overall.

Exemplary credit requires a minimum of 13 points per section and 39 overall.

Note (added 28-29/04/22): For CCS assessments following the 2022 update, the above supersedes the scoring requirements provided in the technical manual and GN33. For assessments not following CSS, the criteria remain unchanged.


For information, the changes to the CCS scheme are outlined on the CCS website.

25/03/2022 - Updated to provide the new scoring requirements for BREEAM standards.