Clarification – access to daylight

Q11 of this issue asks ‘what percentage of lit asset floor area has access to daylight?’

For this issue, ‘access to daylight’ means:

Spaces daylit from the side

  • Is within 8m of a wall with openings that allow daylight in AND
  • Openings comprise ≥ 20% of the wall area, as viewed from the inside.
    For windows, the opening size is defined by the inside edge of the window frame, ignoring any transoms or mullions in the glazed area itself.

Spaces daylit from above

  • Any spaces, or parts of a spaces illuminated by overhead openings, light tubes, or other daylighting strategies.
    Where the daylighting strategy only covers part of a space, the assessor can use their judgement to define which areas have ‘access to daylight’ based on the specific design and lighting conditions.