02 Applications – common reasons for unsuccessful submissions

An application may not be successful for a number of reasons. Examples include:

  1. The technology/process/method may already be established and in use and therefore not considered ‘innovative’.
  2. The innovation may already be recognised, directly on indirectly, via existing BREEAM assessment issues (whether through the standard or exemplary assessment criteria).
  3. The technology/process/method may not offer a sustainability benefit for the development being assessed.
  4. The application form may not have been completed correctly and/or a robust enough case made for consideration in one or more key sections of the form.
  5. A commitment to publicise the innovation to relevant stakeholders may not have been made within the application.
  6. If the Innovation Application process is seen solely as a method for boosting a developments BREEAM score and real innovation has not been robustly considered and demonstrated then it is likely that approval will not be gained.