Company name changes

To change the company name on the BREEAM licence agreement we require a licence application to be completed. For company name or address changes it is only necessary to complete sections 2, 5 and 6 with the necessary details and signatures. If the company registration number will be remaining the same you will only be required to complete a BREEAM Licence application form with the legal name change.  The licence renewal date will remain the same.

If the company registration number has changed then a new licence agreement will need to be signed as it is a new company. This means it will be necessary to terminate the current licence agreement and all assessors will need to re-apply for a licence with the new company details. Please be aware there will be additional licence, registration and certification costs associated with this.

It is the responsibility of the licensed company to ensure that BRE Global is informed of any changes to the licence agreement and licensed assessors.

Please contact the BREEAM Licensing team for further information.