Compiling of Site Inspection Reports at the Post Construction stage

BRE requires that assessors provide a formal, written site inspection report which will act as standalone evidence (separate from the BREEAM assessment), and that this should be referenced as evidence for the applicable credits. The report should contain full details of what has been witnessed on site and which credits/criteria the particular comments relate to, and may include copies of photographs (which are required for many credits as evidence in any case).

It is preferable to produce a separate record of the site visit, which can stand as evidence to back up the assessment report.
Where an assessor uses their site visit as evidence of compliance they will need to record the following information outlined below as a minimum in a site inspection report:

  • Date of visit
  • Assessor name and contact details
  • Project details
  • Unique reference number
  • Issues/criteria inspected
  • Details of state of compliance (written notes and/or photographic evidence)
  • Recommendations made and shared with the client/relevant parties, where appropriate

The assessor may feel that it is desirable to record information above and beyond this list, and would be encouraged to do so wherever they feel it is appropriate or necessary to confirm compliance.

08 June 2023 - First paragraph amended to clarify that providing a site inspection report is mandatory.