BREEAM assessment registration process reminders

All BREEAM assessments (including HQM but excluding CSH and BREEAM In-Use) should be registered using the ‘New Assessment Registration’ form on BREEAM Projects in ‘My Projects’.

  • All registrations through the online systems are non-refundable once a registration number has been provided.
  • Ensure that you select the correct building type for the assessment before completing the process as this cannot be changed after the registration has been completed. It is important to ensure that you have classified the scheme and building type correctly before registering the project. If you are unsure which scheme to select, please submit a scheme classification or registration query before registering.
  • Registrations can only be processed if you are a licensed assessor for the scheme/building type you wish to register against. If the building type is not showing during the registration process it is likely that you do not hold a licence for that building type. If the issue occurs, do not register the development against a different scheme, contact the Registration Dept. on [email protected].
  • Post Construction Reviews (PCRs) of a certified design stage assessment are not registered or transferred through the ‘New Assessment Registration’ form on BREEAM Projects. Please refer to the compliance notes on PCRs for further information.
  • The Net Floor Area and Building/Unit fields only recognise numerical values, please do not enter commas, decimal points or letters.
  • The declaration page contains the option to mark projects as confidential – if this box is ticked the project will not appear on GreenBookLive once certified.
  • HQM projects can only be registered through BREEAM Projects, not the Extranet.