Compliant wheelchair and buggy storage facilities

In sheltered housing or care homes and supported living facilities assessments, compliant wheelchair and buggy storage facilities are those that meet the following:

  1. Charging points for electric buggies (at least two) provided within the
    storage space
  2. Storage area must be secure yet easily accessible
  3. Lighting of the storage facility must be compliant with the external (or
    internal where relevant) lighting criteria defined in BREEAM Issue Hea 01
    Visual comfort. The lighting must be controlled to avoid operation during
    daylight hours, where there is sufficient daylight in or around the facility.
  4. Where access to and from the building main entrance needs to be tightly
    controlled for the safety/security of residents, and it can be demonstrated
    that compliance with points 2 and 3 above impact on this (e.g. where
    residents include those with mental health problems), these two items can
    be excluded from the compliance requirements.