Condition survey – refurbishment in the last 5 years

Where an asset has been refurbished, refurbished elements listed in criterion 2 can be excluded from the condition survey if:

  • The refurbishment was carried out less than 5 years ago.
  • The refurbishment addressed any and all major defects with the element.
  • The records of the refurbishment allow asset management to effectively maintain that element.

The intent of Rsc 01 is to give asset management a complete understanding of the condition of the asset. The requirement for 5 years is to make sure that this information is relatively up-to-date, and allows effective maintenance of the asset and management of any minor defects.

All example scenarios below assume that the refurbishment was carried out less than 5 years ago. Any refurbishment works carried out more than 5 years ago must follow the full criteria of this issue.

A major refurbishment to a Commercial asset covered and effectively documented refurbishment to:

a. Structure.
b. Mechanical components.
c. Electrical components.
d. Plumbing.
e. Fire protection.

It did not cover:

f. Communications and life safety systems.
g. Health and safety conditions.

All major defects were resolved.

Credits for the condition survey, and for rectifying defects are awarded based on elements f. and g. only.

A major refurbishment has covered and documented all items in criterion 2. All major defects were resolved, but there are some outstanding minor defects that are being monitored and maintained by asset management.

BIU V6: This issue is filtered out as per criterion 1.
BIU 2015: The relevant credits are awarded.

Minor defects are common after major building or refurbishment works, and typical building contracts provide a period for the resolution of minor defects. As long as major defects are resolved by the refurbishment, and asset management are aware of and managing minor defects, these items can be excluded from the condition survey.

A major refurbishment covered all elements, but there is no record of the refurbishment of mechanical and electrical components.

A condition survey covering these items is required. Relevant credits are awarded for surveying and addressing any defects for these elements.