Early product procurement policy

A documented product procurement policy and procedure needs to be in place by RIBA stage 2, which sets out the requirements for all suppliers and trades to adhere to in relation to responsible sourcing of products. However, this policy and procedure can be fairly high-level at RIBA stage 2, as long as all other criteria are met, including dissemination and the encouragement of products that have responsible sourcing certification over products that don’t.

At this early stage, the policy is likely to contain overarching principles and policies that later feed into a more detailed plan or strategy, further into the design stage. BS8903:2010 and BS8900-1:2013, provide guidance on what is considered good practice.

Our experience with BREEAM has shown that considering the potential for responsibly sourced products early on makes procurement of these products more achievable, which in turn makes the associated credits for this more likely to achieve. This principal extends to the other issues in the Materials category as well.