Ene 01 software submission

In countries with an existing National Calculation Methodology (NCM), the tool(s) approved for use under the NCM can be used as approved building energy calculation software without our prior approval, provided that the software conforms the following modelling requirements as set out in Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings (16 December 2002):

(a) thermal characteristics of the building (shell and internal partitions, etc.) which may also include air-tightness;
(b) heating installation and hot water supply, including their insulation characteristics;
(c) air-conditioning installation;
(d) ventilation;
(e) built-in lighting installation;
(f) position and orientation of buildings, including outdoor climate;
(g) passive solar systems and solar protection;
(h) natural ventilation;
(i) indoor climatic conditions, including the designed indoor climate.

Where the design team wishes to use an alternative modelling software package, the assessor should first check the Approved Standards and Weightings List to see if the software is listed there. If the software cannot be found in the ASWL, please download and fill out the Ene 01 Approval for Energy Software form from the BREEAM Extranet, and submit this to the BREEAM technical team via [email protected], along with the appropriate evidence.

25/09/2017 Clarified to include requirements of Directive 2002/91/EC